At-Home DIY Programs

If you prefer to work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, then one of our DIY programs may be just the right fit for you! Check them out, courtesy of Dr. Seti's online persona, The Weight Loss Therapist!


Shatter The Yoyo is a unique and powerful program to help you end the cycle of weight loss and weight gain and maintain your weight loss once and for all!  This cycle can steal vast amounts of your life and leave you feeling ashamed and defeated.  This proprietary approach combines cognitive therapy, behavior tracking, self-care, self-monitoring, introspection, and simple lifestyle modifications into a single program that you can work through at your own pace.  Shatter The Yoyo is the only program of its kind developed by a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.  As such, this program will leave you feeling confident, secure, independent, and truly in control of your weight for the first time in your life!

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Do you struggle with eating?  Do you find you have good days and bad days?  Do you overeat when you are alone?  Are you always thinking about food?  Do you worry about your self-control with food? Do you hide your eating behaviors from others?  Do you feel you eat mindlessly and are numb during eating periods?  Do you feel guilty after eating?  Do you have foods you are never allowed to eat?  Do your cravings seem to control you? 

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, the the Binge Free For Life program is for you!  This online 8-week program is guided and seamless to help you build mindfulness, self-control, learn how to eradicate negative thoughts and self-sabotage, and develop a truly healthy relationship with food!

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For many with PCOS, weight has been an ongoing struggle.  You  have significantly more obstacles than the average person and it just doesn't seem fair!  Well, you are right.  It is NOT fair!  But it doesn't mean you are stuck!  Believe it or not, health and weight loss are absolutely possible with PCOS

The problem with most PCOS eating plans is that thet are just a big list of restrictions!  And restiction with food generally leads to a rebound effect- often binging.  So, we need to shake up this traditional PCOS model so you don't end up rebelling!  A solid PCOS weight loss plan obviously needs to focus on eating, but ideally it is focused on what TO EAT instead of what NOT to eat!  But that is only a small piece of the equation.  Because in order to stick with anything, you need to deal with the rest of you: your motivation, your focus, your stress, your self-care, your awareness, your preparation.  That is the true formula for a plan that works and you can find it all here- custom-made for YOU!

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Perimenopause and Menopause can wreak havoc on your body and significantly impact your weight- thanks to those lovely hormones, estrogen and insulin!  The hormonal fluctuations and dips associated with this time, can actually cause your body to start storing fat- Ugh!  In addition, we tend to see an increase in stress hormones-  something that ALSO causes your body to store fat- double ugh!  And this increase in stress hormones tends to increase your cravings- that's the trifecta of weight gain. 

So, the solution is about eating and exercising in a way that works with your changing hormones, and managing yourself and your body in a way that addresses your insulin, your cravings, AND your stress!

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If you are like most parents with a picky eater, you are READY for change!  The constant nagging.  The upturned plates.  The narrow diet.  The begging and bribing.  The frustrated yelling.  The powerless you feel because you don't want to force or threaten your young child to eat, but it's also your responsibility to keep your young child healthy!  Mealtimes happen three times a day (or more), so you are faced with this challenge A LOT!

This powerful and fun 21-Day FIX is designed to help you undo your picky eating power struggles and empower you to get the perspective, tools, and support you need!  The Picky Eater Fix will walk you through 21 days of creative experiential activities to implement around and related to mealtimes.  This is an opportunity to say goodbye to the frustration and welcome in play and fun.  Afterall, you are trying to support a child, and play is what children love best!

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