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San Diego Bay and San Diego Harbor


San Diego Bay is situated in San Diego County, California near the United States – Mexico border. The bay is a deepwater port and natural harbor and it is 12 miles (19 km) long and 1 to 3 miles (1.6 to 4.8 km) wide. It is said to be the third largest amongst the three large, protected natural bays on California’s coastline of 840 miles (1,350 km). San Francisco Bay and Humboldt Bay are the other two largest.

San Diego Bay is surrounded by the cities in San Diego, CA, Coronado Island, Chula Vista, National City, and Imperial Beach which borders Mexico. The Bay is blessed with some of the most amazing views in California and in addition it also houses Hotel del Coronado which is a historic resort and its beaches.

Marinas, Seaport Village, naval installations, the San Diego Convention Center, the urban downtown San Diego area, and first-class hotels are all part of the cities that border San Diego Bay and the Coronado Bridge accent these places, treating tourists to a whole lot of recreational sea-going vessels traveling beneath. Enjoyable commercial amenities in the San Diego Bay include fine restaurants, fishing piers, boardwalk concessions, lush picnic parks with entertainment, unique shopping and lots more. And these commercial amenities are all within convenient walking distance of the Gaslamp Quarter, the San Diego Airport, Downtown, the Convention Center and Petco Park.


The San Diego Bay in San Diego, California was colonized by Spain in 1769 but then it later served as base headquarters of the United States Navy’s major ships in the Pacific until just before World War II, when the primary base of the newly organized United States Pacific Fleet was transferred to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This transfer, however, doesn’t leave San Diego Bay insignificant as it remains a home port of several major assets, including many aircraft carriers, of the United States Pacific Fleet.

Popular Activities

On every Fourth of July, the Bay holds a big fireworks display called the Big Bay Boom and this is displayed over the waters of the Bay. They simultaneously launch the fireworks from four barges in the Bay and also from a pier in Imperial Beach. The Big Bay Boom is one of the largest annual fireworks displays in the United States and over five hundred thousand people come to view it every year. Another popular annual activity held at the San Diego Bay is “The Parade of Lights”. It involves more than 80 small boats with lights and holiday decorations parading on two Sundays every December. Since 1972, the parade of lights has been held every year. The parade procession starts off at Shelter Island and moves past Harbor Island and Downtown, then comes to an end at the Coronado ferry landing. Popularly visited Attractions in San Diego Bay include Seaport Village Shopping & Entertainment, Public Pier Fishing, Shelter Island & Shoreline Park, Embarcadero Marina Park North, Embarcadero Marina Park South, Harbor Island on San Diego Bay, Public Boat Launch Ramps, Maritime Museum of San Diego, San Diego Bay Cruises and Tours, Embarcadero Boardwalk, Embarcadero Public Tree Sculpture Art, and Embarcadero Restaurants.

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