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Seaport Village


Seaport Village is a picturesque waterfront shopping and dining complex that is located at 849 West Harbor Drive, at the intersection of Harbor Drive and Kettner. It is closely connected to San Diego Bay in downtown San Diego, California. This complex is home to over 70 shops, eateries and galleries and it is on 90,000 square feet (8,000 m2) of waterfront property.

The Village has a plethora of freestanding buildings designed in various architectural styles ranging from traditional Mexican to Victorian. The complex is designed to be a car-free environment and instead of streets, it has four miles (6 km) of winding paths connecting its buildings. It is convenient for a lot of people because it is within walking distance from the cruise ship terminal and the San Diego Convention Center in City of San Diego.

Seaport Village stands on a lowland over Punta de los Muertos (Point of the Dead), where those who had died of scurvy were buried by the Spanish expedition of 1782 which later became a railroad yard used to transport goods and other materials.
Morris Taubman was the person who developed the Seaport Village and this establishment was opened in 1980. It is managed by Protea Management Properties and owned by the Port of San Diego.

The walkways of Seaport Village are lined by over 50 shops and these shops are geared toward tourists. They contain a wide range of merchandise for tourists ranging from San Diego souvenirs and cruise ware to vendors with various specialties. There are several bay-view restaurants in seaport village and in addition to these restaurants, there are also a snack stands and a food court accessible to visitors. The complex also has a working carousel that was built in 1895 with animals that were carved by hand.

Enjoy San Diego By Visiting The Seaport Village!

One of the best ways of enjoying San Diego’s Downtown shoreline is visiting Seaport Village in City of San Diego, California. The complex provides visitors with a feeling of being in a totally different world despite the fact that it is located on the edge of Downtown. You can enjoy astonishing views that stretch San Diego Bay as you move from one shop to another along the beautiful cobblestone paths of seaport village. Seaport Village is one of the best places to explore in San Diego whether you are just shortly visiting or staying longer-term. Although it provides visitors with a wide range of coastal experiences, the waterfront dining opportunities still remain the major feature that draws people in.

Whenever you are exploring Seaport Village, another high point activity to engage in is shopping. The complex has a whole lot of gift shops that sells fascinating souvenirs of all kinds and also available are several surf clothing stores where you can shop for the latest surfing apparel.

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