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Weight Loss &

Insomnia Treatment Program

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We’ve all been there- the chronic yo-yo dieting, the back and forth weight gain, the feeling of hopelessness. There IS another way. Take control by ending the diet dependence and making sustainable changes to your thinking and your behavior!

Insomnia can impact every aspect of your life and medications don’t offer a cure! The only long-term treatment options that works is CBT-I. I offer 6-week groups and individual treatment options.

We provide therapeutic support for numerous different issues including eating disorders, anxiety, stress management, LGBT issues, parenting, relationship issues, and many others. Learn how to gain control!

If therapy is not for you, or you don’t have the time to make it work in your schedule, we offer numerous do-it-yourself programs that you can do online, in your time and at your own pace. Learn more about our different offerings!

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We offer online video sessions to make my services more accessible for individuals in another area of who have time or travel constraints!