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Constantly backsliding when it comes to healthy eating? Putting off deadlines until the last minute? Even when you’re committed to making change, sometimes it feels as if you are always in your own way.

When your attitude and actions create problems in daily life and interfere with long-standing goals, they are called self-sabotage behaviors. The most common self-sabotaging behaviors include procrastination, comfort eating, and self-medication with drugs or alcohol. The Self-Sabotage Behavior Workbook is a game changer for those struggling with counter-productive and damaging habits. This friendly guide includes:

* Journal prompts to help you understand your triggers

* Visualization ideas to conquer negative thought cycles

* Mental exercises to strengthen your resolve

* Real-life case-studies

* And much more!

Readers will come away with a new ability to process and accept their emotions and an understanding of how to live a confident and empowered life.


Do you wake up every morning desperate to do something about your weight but also desperately aware that dieting has never worked for you? Are you tired of working so hard only to gain back every pound you lost and them some? If you answered yes to these questions, then the Shatter the Yoyo program is just what you are looking for. Taking both your mind and body into account, this program offers the tools you will need to stop yoyo dieting in its tracks.

Shatter the Yoyo will help you identify:

– The inner goals that will provide the drive and energy to finally solve your weight problem.

– Why dieting has added to your weight problem rather than solving it.

– How your thoughts have helped keep you stuck in the weight loss/weight gain cycle.

– Your eating Danger Zones and the Action Plans you need to put in place to succeed at weight management.

– Important biological and environmental factors that interfere with your weight management goals.

With this information under your belt, Shatter The Yoyo will then help you acquire the skills and new habits that can help you lose weight for good! Your life doesn’t have to be one long litany of unsuccessful diet after unsuccessful diet. This program offers you something much better: a long term, healthy and happy relationship with food and your weight. What are you waiting for? Let’s begin!


If you want to learn more about losing weight, there is no shortage of reading material out there! But if you look at the core of the thousands of books out there, they are all focused on different versions of the same things- ways to reduce calorie intake, and ways to increase calorie expenditure. But what about everything else? I mean we are not machines, right? We are living, thinking, adaptable beings and life has an impact.

In this e-book, Dr. Seti addresses many OTHER things that play a role in the weight loss factor, such as sleep, water, and meal timing. She also looks at special foods, milk alternatives as well as providing guidelines for staying healthy while eating out at your favorite restaurants.

And in a special bonus section, Dr. Seti introduces her 5 P’s of Healthy Snacking. If you want to learn more about the weight loss equation, this is an e-book you don’t want to miss!


If you know me, you know that I never go anywhere without some “emergency food” in my purse! You never know when you are going to be in a situation where you need to eat, and I like to be in control of my options.

That’s why I LOVE Amrita protein bars. They are easy to keep in your purse as they don’t require refrigeration or having a melty coating. AND they are chock-full of good ingredients—REAL ingredients. Things you can actually pronounce!

As if they weren’t enough, they are suitable for just about any diet- gluten free, nut free, dairy free, gmo free, vegan, and somehow still delicious!!!!

Want to give them a try? Use my coupon code “weightloss” to get 15% off everything on their site!