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Curating Your Social Media Feed for Better Mental Health

Social media is a great resource, tool, and source of entertainment – but it should never take the driver’s seat in your journey to health and wellness. When you learn how to curate your social media feed according to your unique needs, you can put yourself in a better position to use this technology to your advantage.

Social media content runs the gamut – recipes, workout routines, beauty tutorials, DIY hacks, inspirational quotes, style guides, etc. Remember that (for the most part) you can control what you’re exposed to on social media. No matter what your personal goals are, curating your feed to include positive, uplifting messaging can be a game changer when it comes to supporting your mental health journey.

Here are 5 tips for curating your feed to encourage positive mental health in all your endeavors.

1. Look for Progress, Not Perfection

Are you familiar with the magic of editing? I’m sure you are! When you follow an influencer, entrepreneur, or any thought leader on social media, stop and consider: is this person promoting perfection or progress? If every post seems flawless, they probably aren’t telling the whole story. Content like this can create an unrealistic standard for you to measure up with.

2. Find Reputable Sources for Guidance

Newsflash: it’s easy to gain followers even if you have no credentials. Always check the source of information and make sure it’s vetted by experts. This is particularly crucial with food prep, nutritional tips, workout ideas, and other general health advice.

3. Diversify Your Feed

When you’ve got a goal in mind (like losing a few pounds or training for a race), it’s easy to let inspirational posts and tips take up your feed. But remember, not everything should feel instructional or preachy! When goal-oriented posts dominate your feed, scrolling through social media can feel overwhelming. Make sure you have a healthy dose of content that boosts your endorphins without any effort at all. This could be cute puppy posts, pictures of plants, or other content that simply makes you smile.

4. Reminder: You Don’t Have to Share to Prove Your Worth

Seeing everyone else post about their progress or accomplishments can generate a sense of pressure to share what you’ve achieved, too – as well as an interest in how many likes you rack up. While it’s natural to want to share your accomplishments, remember that posting isn’t a prerequisite to feeling proud of yourself. Be sure to share your achievements with friends and family offline, rather than simply updating your social status for followers to see.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Unplug

Feel like your feed isn’t enhancing your life or adding inspiration? Unplug! Even a short break from social media can feel refreshing. Though it often feels like you might miss something, remember that real life is happening all around you – not just on the internet. Take some time to re-center yourself and reflect on the things that matter most in your life.

With a little thoughtful curation and retargeting, you can steer your social media feed toward something more beneficial for your mental health.

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Dr. Candice Seti


California-licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified Nutrition Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer

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