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Experts have differing opinions on what the most ideal diet for optimal health and wellness is, but when it comes to achieving and maintaining a trim figure there is one universal principle: excess calorie consumption leads to weight gain. Focusing on eating real, nutrient-dense foods in moderate proportions is the key to achieving good eating habits and healthy weight levels. Choosing the right foods is half the battle; the other half is eating reasonable portions. Learn the best foods to help you control your hunger to add to your kitchen today!

Apples. Apples are rich in both fiber and water content, making them a great choice to help you feel full. The connection between apples and hunger control has even been proven in studies that show eating a half an apple before a meal results in lower calorie consumption.


Avocado. When it comes to good fats, avocado is king. Good fats are key for controlling hunger because they increase satiety levels. By snacking on avocado or including it in your meals, your satiety levels will increase so you’ll be less likely to overindulge.


Beans. Beans pack the double punch of providing both protein and fiber—two keys for staying full longer. Beans take a relatively long time to digest which keeps you feeling full and gives you the power to resist cravings.


Cabbage. All cruciferous veggies are good for curbing hunger (think choices like broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts), but cabbage is particularly potent when it comes to effective appetite control thanks to its high water content and ultra low calorie count.


Nuts. Like avocado, nuts are a terrific source of good fats that help you feel satisfied during and after you eat them. Plus, nuts also offer protein that also helps you feel full longer. Try using crushed nuts to replace breading on meats and fish or in lieu of croutons to add crunch on salads. Not only will you be adding a hunger control secret, you’ll also be adding more nutrients to your meal.


Oatmeal. Oatmeal offers both soluble and insoluble fiber. While insoluble fiber is lauded for keeping your digestive tract running smoothly, it is the soluble fiber in oatmeal that fills you up all morning (or afternoon…or evening…oatmeal can be a great meal any time of day!).  Be sure to top your oatmeal with fruits, nuts, or even a small amount of grass fed butter instead of sugar or syrup since sugar sends the appetite into overdrive.


Soup. It turns out there is sound scientific reasoning behind serving soup as the first course of a meal. The significant amount of water in soup helps fill up the space in your stomach. Plus, soup typically takes a bit longer to eat than foods like bread, giving your brain the time it need to realize that you are full. Opt for broth or tomato based soups (preferably with loads of veggies for double the hunger busting powers) instead of cream based soup to fully realize soups hunger staving benefits!

Bonus: Water- Staying hydrated helps your brain from confusing hunger and thirst, a common mistake. Before eating more, have a glass of water and then evaluate if you are still truly hungry.

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