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The Health Benefits of Berries


You’ve heard it many times – berries are beneficial to your health and can be one of the best fruits you can choose in your quest for a healthy lifestyle.  Each berry has their own set of nutritional value – some more than others, and can offer you plenty of different benefits to help keep you healthy.  Berries have actually been thought of as one of the healthiest foods on the planet!

From raspberries to strawberries to blackberries, each variety of berry has something to offer you that can keep you healthy!  For example, did you know that berries tend to be very high in vitamin C, even higher than oranges?  This can help you to fight off germs and keep your immune system boosted.  Let’s take a look at some of the most popular berries and see what kinds of health benefits they offer!


Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits available, and when many people are asked to name a favorite, strawberries are often their choice!  Strawberries are loaded with health benefits that can help keep you healthy.  Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C and vitamin K, which boost your immune system, can help you heal from colds and infections faster, and can even keep your skin looking young and vibrant.  Strawberries are also loaded with fiber (three grams per serving!), folic acid, manganese, and potassium!

(Strawberries, are high up there on my foods to eat to lose weight!  What are the others?  Check it out here!)


Blueberries are often thought of as one of the “super foods” available, due to their rich antioxidant content, which can help fight off a variety of diseases, such as diabetes, chronic infections, and heart disease.  They are also great for those looking to lose weight, as they contain plenty of fiber to help you feel full longer.  Blueberries are surprisingly good for aiding with digestion, so if you are prone to having digestive issues, these little berries can be a huge help.



These red berries are not only delicious, but pack a huge punch when it comes to nutritional benefits.  Not only can raspberries help with weight loss thanks to the high amount of fiber in each serving, but they also are ideal for helping fight fine lines and wrinkles on skin, as well as lending it that youthful elasticity that we love so much!  Raspberries are also great for fighting off macular degeneration, which is a vision problem that affects many with age.  They also help strengthen the immune system and help to fight off infections and illness, which make these awesome little berries a great choice to have daily!  If you are a breastfeeding mother, these berries can help encourage milk production, and drinking raspberry tea is known to help regulate the menstrual cycle as well.



Blackberries are another long time favorite berry of many, and the blackberry is also full of great nutritional value and health benefits.  For starters, these berries are loaded up with vitamin C, which really help your immune system to kick in and work to fight against infections and colds.  They are also ideal at helping your body absorb iron, so if you have low iron counts or are taking supplements, blackberries can be helpful.  These berries are also high in fiber, which help your body to feel full longer and aid in digestion.  Blackberries are known for their high levels of vitamin K, which can help your body form blood clots and slow bleeding earlier.  Their anti-inflammatory abilities work well to keep your body feeling better, and are also great for dental health as well.



Elderberries are well known for their abilities to fight the cold and flu and bring relief to those who are suffering from these ailments.  They offer huge boosts to the body’s immune system, which is why they are so popular during cold and flu season (remember seeing all of those articles about elderberry syrup for the flu?).  Since they have such high anti-inflammatory properties, they are also often used to fight sinus infections and bring about relief.  High blood sugar can also be treated with this berry, and many use it to aid in controlling their diabetes.  The elderberry is also a natural laxative, so if you are suffering in that department, these berries can help!


There are plenty of berries available, and taking a trip to your local market or farm stand can really shine light on these beautiful and nutritious staples.  Whether you are eating the berries in yogurt, cereal, making juice, or using them in tea, each berry has its own set of health benefits that are just waiting to be tapped into.

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