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Regardless of what your dietary needs and preferences may be, there is one thing that every person young and old needs throughout every day. WATER. Water sustains life, keeps your metabolism humming, boosts energy, supports brain function, prevents overeating, and aids in flushing out toxins. Water can even help skin look clearer! Every organ in your body needs water to work properly and keep you feeling and functioning your best!

With all the significant and essential benefits of water it seems as though it would be a no brainer to guzzle H2O non-stop. Yet as important as water may be, it is not always so easy to stay hydrated. If you need to increase your water intake (and who among us doesn’t need to sip some more H2O each day?), try these smart secrets to staying hydrated.
1. Invest in a Good Water Bottle. The first challenge to conquer when it comes to increasing your water intake is availability. Keeping a bottle of water nearby you at all times will greatly improve your odds of sipping all day. Find a sturdy water bottle you like and keep it by you at home, at work, and anywhere else your day takes you.

2. Add Some Flavor. Another major hurdle people often complain about when it comes to getting enough water is boredom. Taste buds that are accustomed to the sugar found in sodas and juices can indeed feel like plain water is a little on the dull side. There are several ways to solve this problem without the use of unhealthy sugars or artificial sweeteners. Try adding slices of cucumber, citrus fruits, berries, or mint to your water for a fresh spa-inspired water infusion. Herbal teas are another way to add flavor (and antioxidants) to your drink without adding sugar. Plus, unlike coffee or black tea, herbal teas are typically naturally caffeine free. If it’s the fizz of a carbonated soda you enjoy, you find it more enjoyable to drink sparkling water. Test out several of these options to find whichever one helps you keep drinking!

3. Track Your Progress. Appeal to your own competitive drive by keeping track of your water intake each day. Challenge yourself to meeting daily or weekly goals. Whether you track electronically or with paper and pencil, seeing your daily water intake can help you quickly see when you need more water and also spur you on as you see your achievements!

4. Be Prepared. Just like you are more likely to eat fresh fruits and vegetables if you have them prepped and ready to grab and eat whenever, you are also more likely to drink more water when there is minimal effort involved. In addition to having that handy water bottle always around (see tip #1), try keeping a pitcher of cold water in the fridge and stock the kitchen with any favorite healthy flavor aids to add whenever a craving strikes (see tip #2).

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