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Turmeric’s Top 4 Health Benefits

Have you heard of Curcuma Longa?  Well it is more commonly known as turmeric.  It’s a ginger-like root that gives curry its orangey color and has numerous health-boosting qualities! Aside from adding a savory flavor to food, it’s also a highly revered plant in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, praised for its powerful healing abilities. Nowadays, modern medicine recognizes turmeric for its unquestionable medicinal qualities, most notably its effects as a healing agent and pain reliever.

Have you been thinking about adding turmeric to your diet? Read on to find out more about turmeric’s top 4 health benefits and how it can improve your health.

Super Health Fact#1: Turmeric… The Inflammation Decreaser!

Turmeric has been lauded for its anti-inflammatory properties for decades by modern medicine, and for much, much longer by Ayurvedic medicine. Although this remarkably odoriferous underground stem has an impressive list of anti-inflammatory ingredients, the super-hero (in this case) is the compound curcumin, which is turmeric’s active ingredient. Both scientific and medical communities are fascinated by curcumin as it displays a powerful anti-inflammatory capacity.

Super Health Fact#2: Turmeric… The Weight-Loss Helper!

If you’re looking to burn some unwanted pounds, then get ready to make a trip to your favorite neighborhood spice store for a generous amount of that golden spice. How does turmeric help when it comes to weight-loss? When you ingest turmeric, the body accelerates your metabolic rate. This metabolism spike then enables your body to burn a more substantial amount of calories which, consequently, leads to faster weight loss. But, that’s not all turmeric does! Elevated levels of toxins in the liver and high adipose tissue mass (the scientific term for ‘body fat’) are leading contributors to weight-loss woes. The curcumin in turmeric aides to reverse these issues, further improving your weight-loss regimen with its ability to lower bad cholesterol.

Super Health Fact#3: Turmeric… The Heart Health Booster!

As turmeric carries substantial quantities of vitamin B6 and curcumin, you can count on it to give your cardiovascular system one heck of a jolt, making this duo a superteam. Curcumin helps prevent atherosclerosis by eliminating your body’s overabundant “bad cholesterol” LDL reserves from blood vessels and arteries, thus resulting in balanced cholesterol levels. Meanwhile, vitamin B6 packs a punch by inhibiting homocysteine production, a naturally occurring harmful by-product that can cause irreparable cell wall damage and lead to a scary list of heart complications.

Super Health Fact#4: Turmeric… The Depression Blocker!

If you’re still on the fence about curcumin’s impressive attributes, prepare to be amazed at its depression-fighting effects. Since scientific research has demonstrated that curcumin can affect an individual’s hormonal balance, modern medicine has enlisted it in the fight against depression. The amazing thing is, curcumin acts much like Prozac, but without the side-effects, making it a viable all-natural alternative for psychological issues such as anxiety and mood disorders, stress, and depression.

A Word To The Wise…

Before adding any new supplement to your current health regimen, speak to your healthcare professional. It may conflict with one of your current medications, so don’t ever leave it to chance. Sometimes, without meaning to, you end up hurting your body while trying to help it. Regardless of which natural supplement you ingest, contact your health provider to be certain it’s a good fit!

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