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Exercise tends to be a polarizing force: most people either love it or hate it. If you fall into the latter camp (and plenty of us do), the problem probably doesn’t lie in exercise itself, but rather in the fact that you may not have found the exercise that’s right for YOU. Just like you have food, music, and clothing preferences that suit your personality and lifestyle, the same can be said of exercise. So if the thought of exercise fills you with dread, check out these questions to guide you to the exercise program that will be your perfect fit, and may just change your opinion of exercising!

Are You Social? One of the great things about fitness is that it lends itself to being done together. If being around others energizes you, try workouts that you can do with others. Try meeting friends to walk together or give group exercise classes a try.

Are You Competitive? Does competition spur you on? Turn your fitness regime into a competition—whether against others or just in a quest for your personal best. Set your sights on a local race or use a fitness tracker to track your progress to beat your old records!

Do You Crave Quiet Time? In today’s fast paced world it can seem next to impossible to take time to just breathe and relax. If you need a little more time of reflection in your life, yoga, tai chi, or other similar disciplines may be just what you need.

Is Your Schedule Unconventional? If your schedule doesn’t mesh well with making it to the gym or exercise groups on a regular basis, you have more options than ever before. In addition to exercise DVDs, you can subscribe to services that will allow you to stream new workouts every day. There are also apps that will guide you through simple exercises you can do at home or in a hotel with little to no equipment needed.

Is the Gym a Turn-Off? If the idea of spending hours a week in a gym does not appeal to you, try some exercises that get you in the great outdoors. Check to see if there are any trails near your home where you could hike on a regular basis. Or skip the spin classes and ride your bike in the great outdoors. Functional fitness programs may also appeal to those who don’t love a traditional gym setting.

Are You a Frequent Flyer? If work has you in different cities every week, it may be worthwhile to look into a national gym pass. Various gyms around the countries take part in reciprocity programs that allow you to visit different participating gyms around the country. You’ll get a better workout than most hotel gyms can provide making you more likely to enjoy your experience!

Was Fitness More Fun to You as a Child? Kids naturally love to be active. Think back to the activities that you enjoyed most as a child. Former ballerinas may love a barre class. Hoop stars would likely have a blast on a rec league basketball team.

Do You Get Bored Easily? If burnout tends to be your issue, try mixing things up. There’s no reason exercise has to be monotonous. Take a look over all of the suggestion mentioned and try a mix of the ones that appeal most strongly to you.

So, after answering the above questions, you have hopefully found a direction to take to craft your ideal fitness plan.  Now get out there and give it a shot!

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